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PV Slate Questions

Please see also our PV Slate Datasheet or PV Slate Installation Guide to answer many common questions.



Q. Why are PV Slates not eligible for the Feed in Tariff?

This latest model of the PV Slate was launched in July 2016 after the government’s 64% cut in feed in tariffs for solar installations. It would cost a large amount of time and money to register the product for such an insignificant amount of return from the Government. Therefore we decided it was not viable to put it through the accreditation process.

Q. How much energy will one generate?

Each PV Slate produces 35 Watts in ideal conditions. The amount of electricity it will generate will vary depending on location, roof angle and general weather conditions.

Q. How much does each PV Slate weigh?

Each PV Slate is 3.5kg. This means it weighs less than the 3 standard natural slates it replaces so does not increase loading on property or require any remedial strengthening, which is good news for listed buildings.

Q. Can they be used in conservation areas?

Yes, PV slate was designed to help people in all restricted planning areas gain planning permission including Listed Buildings, National Parks and Places of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Check the details with your local planning authority and we’re happy to assist where we can.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum roof angle?

PV Slate can be fitted to slopes of as low as 22 degrees, but all installations below 27.5 degrees require doubled breathable membrane or a fully waterproof membrane. We can advise on what's required depending on the individual building so please contact us if the roof is below 30 degrees so we can ensure no extra measures are required. There’s no maximum angle.

Q. What slates will they match best with?

PV Slate matches best with all the natural blue grey ranges including Welsh blue grey slates (Not Heather Blue), Cornish Delabole , any blue grey range i.e. La Concha blue grey, Del Carmen blue grey, Glendine etc, Spanish Blue grey, Canadian Blue / Grey, Brazilian Graphite. With the blacker ranges it will still match well, but the naturals will need to bleach on the roof for around 3 months.

Q. Will PV Slates work with tiles?

No, PV Slates are only compatible with slates

Q. How do I know how many PV slates I need?

Please send your architect’s drawings to us in an email to and we’ll be happy to calculate how many PV slates your roof can accommodate. If you don’t have these, please provide your roof dimensions and we’ll produce an estimate.

Q. How many PV slates fit in a square metre?

There are approximately 4 PV slates per square metre and 1 kWp of slates occupies 7.3 square metres. As natural slates need to completely surround the PV slates, please contact us for an accurate number of PV slates your roof can accomodate.

Q. What size is the PV slate?

The PV Slate panel size is shown on the technical data sheet. The slate is actually replicating 3 individual slates of 300mm Wide x 600mm High typically known as a 24/12 (24 inches x 12 inches)

Q. Can PV slates be used to cover the roof completely?

As the PV slate resembles the look of 3 standard slates and isn’t able to be cut to fit the roof, there needs to be a full border of natural slates around the edges of the roof as well as around any obstructions like roof lights.

Q. How can I get a sample to show the planning authorities?

You can purchase one PV slate from us to use as a sample to show the planners. If they don’t approve it, you may be eligible to return the sample to us for a refund, please contact us for details of this service.

Q. Who can install PV Slates?

The PV slates can be installed by your roofing contractor like normal slates. You also need a solar electrician to complete the electrical installation.

GB-Sol Turn Ambitious Designs Into Reality

GB-Sol recently completed the manufacture of 25 custom-made solar PV modules for the prestigious Blackfriars development in Central London.

Working with installer Avonside Renewables, GB-Sol were commissioned to produce the bespoke modules to enable a flowing shape to be made with the solar PV array.

Manufacturing in South Wales, we have 20 years’ experience in producing a range of solar PV products. Contact us for more details about this project or producing your own bespoke modules.

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