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Case Studies

Some of our latest projects

Here are a few of our recent solar PV installations.

PV Slate in National Park

In 2017 GB-Sol were contacted by a customer looking to re-roof their 1960s bungalow in the South Downs National Park. 

Having recently bought the house, they were doing a complete renovation and looking to future proof the property. A full re-wire, an air source heat pump, underfloor heating and solar PV were among the improvements to be made. The building had concrete tiles on the roof, and as it was located in the national park, all external changes had to be submitted for approval. PV slate provided the ideal solution for an aesthetically pleasing solar design.

112 600x300 PV slates were installed in two different roof areas, one facing South East and the other South West. This gave a total system of just under 4kWp.

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Commercial Roof Integrated Solar

GB-Sol were approached to design a full roof integrated system for a new eco-hub at Cassiobury Park.

As part of the regeneration of the park, it was important for the building to be environmentally friendly. The new Eco-hub uses natural materials and was designed to be as  energy efficient as possible.

An integrated solar PV system was integral to this aim.

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Bespoke Facade System

GB-Sol were selected to design and manufacture custom sized PV modules for a unique facade system for an Oxford City Council regeneration project.
The panel size was selected to match the façade layout and created large dimensions which presented challenges in design and manufacture. Each panel contained 84 cells providing over 350Wp each. Since the maximum dimension measured over 2m this required a customised frame system and the mounting system was co-ordinated with the façade structure.

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Multi Faceted Garage Roof

This unique roof integrated system was designed by GB-Sol to create an eye catching solar roof for a curved garage built by Millgate (Winchester) Ltd.

The curve included 7 elevations of varying orientations from South West to South East, perfect for solar.

The system was designed to give as much power as possible so very few dummy panels were used. All triangular panels that were large enough included PV cells to maximise the system’s output. Custom flashings were designed to meet the brick up-stands at the edges of the roof as well as to bridge the valleys in between the arrays.

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Bespoke Mounting System - St Anthony's Hospital

GB-Sol designed and manufactured a bespoke mounting system to meet the requirements of a challenging project, an extension to the Spire St Anthony’s Healthcare Hospital.

26,000kWh per year was the target output so high efficiency 260Wp panels were used, mounted onto a custom support frame. The panels also needed to fit around the plant area so the layout design had to maximise the use of the space in order to achieve the required output.

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Integrated Solar for Industrial Building

GB-Sol produced a new roof for an industrial unit. Composing of 84 PV laminates, the fully integrated system provided the perfect roofing material, offsetting roofing costs with the savings on electricity bills.

The client required a full roof of solar PV to replace the existing material, they also requested a roof light as part of the array to provide natural light to an office space without windows.

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Full Roof Integrated System

GB-Sol designed a unique full roof integrated system for Arnold Gilpin and Associates. Using custom sized PV laminates to fit the roof dimensions, the whole of the South elevation was covered in solar in a modern and aesthetic array to compliment the Architects design.

The GB-Sol design engineer produced CAD drawings of the construction and PV panels with dimensions adjusted to meet the architects roof dimensions providing a full width, weatherproof array.  Further liaison enabled us to develop specific flashings adapted from our standard designs to match the overall roof design.

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Integrated Solar for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

GB-Sol designed a bespoke integrated system for a unique project, an impressive architectural Eco-House on an exposed coastal location in Cornwall. The project was awarded the Solar Power Portal Award for the Best Domestic Rooftop Installation up to 10kWp

As the site is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it was important for the architect to select a practical, weatherproof and aesthetic solution, as well as being visually acceptable by the local planning authorities.

Producing individual solar panels in the necessary triangular and trapezoidal shapes required by the design was essential to the project The solar panels were produced incorporating non-reflective glass to combat glare.

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