Integrated Solar for Industrial Building

GB-Sol produced a new roof for an industrial unit. Composing of 84 PV laminates, the fully integrated system provided the perfect roofing material, offsetting roofing costs with the savings on electricity bills.

The client required a full roof of solar PV to replace the existing material, they also requested a roof light as part of the array to provide natural light to an office space without windows.

A GB-Sol roof integrated system (RIS) can be a great solution to commercial, industrial roofing or asbestos roof replacement. These buildings often have a much larger roof space and can benefit from a larger solar installation. Also as they’re usually more energy intensive during the day than residential properties, they’re ideal premises to benefit from the solar energy produced. Depending on the size of the PV system and the energy consumption on site, very little will probably be exported and so higher returns and shorter paybacks can be achieved.

Read the full case study here Case Study Industrial RIS.pdf