Integrated solar panels

GB-Sol's integrated solar roof system enables full-sized high efficiency solar panels to be discretely fitted within any type of conventional roofing material. The solar panels provide the waterproofing and so save on traditional roofing materials. The finished look is much more discrete than fitting solar panels on rails over the top of the roof, and eliminates the risk of debris build-up.

Benefits of Integrated solar panels

Integrating solar panels into the roof brings both aesthetic and practical advantages:

  • low profile - enhancing the value of your property
  • bird-proof
  • aerodynamic - so less structural stress than panels on rails
  • saves on roofing materials

Integrated solar - buyer's guide

Click HERE for our guide to Integrated solar panels, which highlights the issues to consider when designing your roof and comparing integrated solar panels with panels on rails over the top of the tiles.

Issues to consider include the importance of using MCS certified products, warranty length and the risks of relying on plastics, and system maintenance.

Solar panel size and orientation

The majority of roof-integrated solar panels on the market are pre-framed and available in one orientation.  The GB-Sol system uses a hidden rail system which is fitted to the roof battens, and this can be designed for any shape or size of solar panel.  Standard-sized solar panels can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations, and we can also make thinner or wider panels at our factory, to make the best fit and look on the roof.

GB-Sol integrated solar roof system

The GB-Sol roof-integrated system has been proven over 30 years of use and comes with a comprehensive 25-year warranty on solar performance and waterproofing.  The system is well-ventilated, so does not experience the sort of efficiency losses that can affect other roof integration systems.  The system is comprised of marine grade aluminium, stainless steel fixings, toughened glass, EDPM seals and powder coated flashings.  There is no dependence on plastics or adhesives, which ensures the longevity of the system.

Integrated Case Studies

Integrated FAQs

The system has a total thickness of 80mm above the battens, which is about the same as clay tiles, but will stand slightly above slates.

The roof needs to have at least a 10 degree pitch to ensure the drainage system is sufficient in removing any condensation from behind the panels.  If less than this, then you will need a single ply, steel sheet or similarly waterproof roof surface for us to fix over.  

The maximum roof pitch for standard installations is 45 degrees.  Steeper pitches require additional considerations depending on the size and location of the roof, so please contact us to discuss your project in further detail.

Yes, contact us to discuss why this may be important for your project.

20kg per square metre, so much lighter than most clay tiles & slates

GB-Sol has been at the forefront of solar panel and mounting system design for nearly 30 years.

We are proactive in reviewing our designs and ensure a culture of continuous improvement in methods, materials and testing.  Global solar and construction accreditation bodies are used to test and certify our solar panels and mounting systems.

In independent fire tests, GB-Sol’s Infinity and Integrated solar roofs achieved EXT.S.AA, the highest possible rating under BS 476-3: 2004 - Roof Fire Test.  Testing also confirmed passes for the CEN/TS1187:2012 Test4.  AA (national class) is equivalent to Broof(t4) (European class), the highest class and the only classification allowed to span full roofs and the compartmentation of buildings.

Why choose GB-Sol?

Excellence in engineering & durability

Our solar slates and solar roof products are manufactured using toughened glass, marine-grade aluminium & stainless steel, and are independently tested & certified.  Our products are more extensively proven than those of any of our competitors, globally.

Decades of unmatched experience

With 30 years of pioneering experience in solar power technology, GB-Sol stands as a beacon of innovation.  We own our own factory and have an extensive portfolio of projects that demonstrate the value of our 25 year warranties.

Complete installation service

We install as well as manufacture, to ensure the quality, longevity and safety of the systems installed.  Our Projects team are very experienced in dealing with both new-build projects and retrofits, in processes that are regularly audited for quality and integrity.  We are well-resourced with installation teams and surveyors across Great Britain to ensure good communication and local support.

Sustainability at heart

We keep our suppliers local wherever possible, minimise waste &  packaging and run our premises on solar power, topped up with a 100% green electricity supply.  We are the top-rated solar panel manufacturer according to Ethical Consumer magazine and have been for many years.

When you choose GB-Sol, you are choosing safety, reliability, durability and sustainability.